I Don't Like Your Top


Artist:    Just stand on here please.
Viewer:  On it?
Artist:    Yeah yeah.
              Sorry I’ve never used one of these cameras
              I’ve got some notes written down.
              Can you look at the camera please?
Viewer:  Sorry
Artist:    I don’t really like the top you’re wearing.
Viewer:  You are kidding me?!
              (Nervous laughter)
              Roy! I’m doing this for you!
Artist:    Can you say your name please?

Viewer:  Kathy
Artist:    (Adjusts camera, long pause).
              No I can’t get it to look right.
              Can you stand a bit more to the right?
              Yepp, yepp.
              Yeah that looks better actually.
              I really like the top you’re wearing by the way.
Viewer:  You like it now?
Artist:    Yeah yeah.
Viewer:  Ok, that’s good.
Artist:    Yeah that’s good now.
              Ok I think we’re done now.